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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Retro Powershell - Looking good in 8-Bit | Part 1

I wrote a little script that, when placed in your PowerShell Profile, will print a message similar to the old boot message you got from your breadbox.

Like a lot of people out there I started my IT career with a Commodore 64. It is still today a class of its own and amazing to see what people are capable to do with this incredible machine. Not only was the Commodore64 the best selling home computer of all times, it still has a huge fan base today. So why not get back the good old feeling back into your PowerShell?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Help! My ULS Logs are empty. What shall I do?

A few weeks ago we added a new dedicated application server to an existing farm. Everything seemed fine so far until a coworker called and informed me that the ULS wasn’t writing information to the log files. In fact the files were created but in the end no content was written to them.

After a short investigation in the Windows Event Logs I find a lot of these entries:

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