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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SharePoint Tools: A new CAML Query Designer

Praveen Battula has released a new tool on his blog to work with CAML Queries. Not only you can export the plain CAML Query it self, the tool lets you generate code for C#, JavaScript, WebServices and PowerShell as well.

Have a look at his blog:

The future of Forms for SharePoint 2016 and Office 365

As you might remember, Microsoft announced last year, that InfoPath will be discontinued. It seemed the product would come to an end and would only be supported until April 2023. All efforts from Microsoft were heading into Forms designed on SharePoint Lists, or better known as FoSL.

Well these plans have changed. As it seems Microsoft will not be able to provide FoSL on time for the next SharePoint release. Instead they announced that SharePoint 2016 will indeed have full support for InfoPath Forms for Office 365 and On Premises installations. However, a new version of InfoPath will not be part of the next Office.

Read the full story at:

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