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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This post is genuine

Recently I found out that some of my blog posts have been copied from different people to their own blogs. This is flattering, however sometimes valuable information is lost if only parts are copied. I can only hope that if people copy my texts, they also add a link to my blog, so the readers know where the origin is.

For you as a reader is sometimes very hard to distinguish between a genuine text and a copy. That is why I started to mark my blog posts with a "This post is genuine" logo. You can see it here as well on the left side of this post. It will certainly not stop the people from copying my blog posts, and that's not my intent. But it will make it for you as a reader much easier to verify.

P.S. even if I don't mark every my posts with the genuine logo, it doesn't mean that those without are copied by myself. It just means I'm sometimes too lazy or have the opinion it's not necessary.

This post is

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