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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Remove the performance breaks when using VMWare 5.0 and Windows Cluster services

There are probably a lot of SharePoint Farms that use a Microsoft SQL cluster. Even now with new possibilities like Always-On for SQL 2012. But not only if you use SharePoint might this be of interest for you.

About a year ago, a customer of mine had some very bad performance with his SQL Server. The SQL was version 2008 R2 using the Windows Cluster Service hosted on a VMWare ESX 5.0 private cloud. Nothing unusual and of course the first thoughts were pointing to the VMWare servers. But let’s take a look at the performance test we performed on the cluster.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Log Parser Studio 2.2

Log files are a hassle. Too many entries and bad formatting make it a challenge to work with logs. So if you are already familiar with Microsofts LogParser, you’ll love to hear that there is an even better way to work with Log files.

Log Parser Studio is a Windows Tool that uses LogParser and gives you a GUI to work with. This way it's easier to create adhoc reports of your logfiles. You can export the query as a script and then automate your tasks.


Getting Started with the Log Parser Studio

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