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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pictures of the European SharePoint Conference 2014

Like last year I've visited the European SharePoint Conference. This year the conference took place in Barcelona and I must admit it's a very interessting place to be. If you have never been to Barca so far, you should add it to your list. So far here are a few impression from this years event.

Arrival in Barcelona

The conference place from outside

The lobby of the conference place

Check-In and grab your gear

These two guys were having a bath in the morning

Break time in the hotel garden


Jumping between the sessions

People twittering IRL

More chatting going on

The exhibitors are waiting for us

Session in progress

Girls just want'a have fun

Gala dinner

Av. Diagonal

1st Place in the AvePoint Walk Challenge

La sagrada familia
Impressive from the outside and even more from the inside

Fontana Magica in all it's glory

You might get wet

Ops :)

Best Tapas in town. Trust me!

View from Montjuïc

The BFG9000

Castell de Montjuïc

Looking down from Castell de Montjuïc on the city

People in the streets are having a party

The Barcalona lizard

Entrance to Park Güell

The grand staircase

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