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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Useful links

Sometimes I stumble upon links in the net I find useful. I tend to save these links for the future because I 'might' use them in some project. I'd like to share these links with you and maybe you find them useful as well for a future project of yours.

Enable Enterprise Keywords column in a blank siteEnable Enterprise Keywords column in a blank site
Trouble to enable the Enterprise keywords column? This might be the cause.

The 2013 SPSFarmReport
Get a overview of your SharePoint Farm.

SharePoint Health Analyzer Rules
The SharePoint Health Analyzer Rules project is a collection of configurable SharePoint health analyzer rules that extends out of the box Health Analyzer system by adding many important additional rules that help to ensure your SharePoint environment is kept in optimal condition.

SharePoint Managed Metadata Navigator
Use SharePoint Managed Metadata Navigator to browse, explore, create, update, delete, export and import MMD Groups, Termsets, and Terms for SharePoint 2010.
Choose who can see the SharePoint ribbon.
Hide different elements on a SharePoint page.

SharePoint Social Networking
A Collection of solutions aimed at adding social networking to your SharePoint 2010 site. The collection will include web parts, ribbon extensions and other type of solutions that will add or enhance the social networking capabilities of SharePoint.

SharePoint Document Converter
SharePoint Document Converter solution gives a start on how we can leverage the Word automation Service to convert documents to formats that word can support. This project convert documents of type "DOCX" or "DOC" to any possible file type that word support like to PDF, XPS, DOCX, DOCM, DOC, DOTX, DOTM, DOT, XML, RTF, MHT.

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