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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Here's what's new and coming soon to Visio in Microsoft 365!

Our worldwide rollout blog has all the details about getting started with Visio in Microsoft 365, but we're excited to announce several recent updates-some available now, and some coming soon to all Visio for the web users. If you've been using Visio in Microsoft 365 since it was first introduced to your tenant, you'll notice a couple new diagram types available from the Visio home page on; the first of these being organization charts. We realize that users of Visio in Microsoft 365 have different use cases and needs compared to long-time Visio users, and we've been busy working on new diagram content that can be applicable to a variety of users and industries, including business executives, marketing teams, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. For questions about which diagram types are included in Visio in Microsoft 365 or which plans include the Visio web app, check out our Visio for the web FAQ. Q: We have a Microsoft 365 commercial plan, but our users still don't see the Visio app tile on Q: The Visio tile is lit up for our users; however, Visio does not show up in the Microsoft 365 admin center on the Licenses page. A: Visio in Microsoft 365 is not considered a separate license, but rather a web app-like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint-that is available to users as part of their Microsoft 365 license or as part of Office for the web. A: Yes, you can use Visio in Microsoft 365 to view, create, and edit Visio files in the Safari or Chrome browsers on your Mac. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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