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Monday, May 16, 2022

Teams F SKUs with new default pre-pinned apps tailored to frontline experience

Today, we are excited to roll out a new default Microsoft Teams experience for frontline workers on F SKU licensing that tailors the Teams experience for frontline workflows with pre-pinned apps built with them in mind. Currently, frontline workers have the same default experience as the rest of Teams users with pre-pinned apps: Activity, Chat, Teams, Calendar, Calls. This tailored app experience is a tenant-level policy and is controlled by the Show tailored apps based on licenses organization-wide app setting on the Manage apps page of the Teams admin center. The tailored app experience feature is controlled by the Show tailored apps based on licenses org-wide app setting on the Manage apps page of the Teams admin center. This feature is on by default, so all users in your organization who have an F license will get the tailored app experience by default unless there are any custom app setup policies assigned to users, which would take precedence. In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Teams apps > Manage apps, and then select Org-wide app settings. Under Tailored apps, switch the Show tailored apps based on licenses toggle to Off or On. If the feature is enabled, all users with an F license and a global default app set-up policy will receive the tailored app experience. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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