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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Microsoft Loop components: Extending capabilities in Microsoft Teams and Outlook

Microsoft Loop components extend the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Outlook, supporting small-group collaboration and flexibility so you can remain in sync-anywhere, anytime. Loop components are live and can be copied and pasted across Teams and Outlook - staying in sync in all the places they exist. An image providing an example of the Loop components pop-up menu in Microsoft Teams. These components are available in Microsoft Teams chat and coming soon to Outlook. An image providing an example of available permission settings for Loop components in Microsoft Teams. Some users find that using a Loop component is preferable to saving a Word document for just a few sentences because Loop components are less formal, and people feel more comfortable making suggestions or changes. Loop components allow groups to collaborate wherever they are, whether it's across town or spanning multiple time zones-all with a single click within a Teams chat or Outlook email. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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