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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Create a Microsoft List list across Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 app SharePoint app bar SharePoint itself Microsoft Teams Microsoft Lists app for iOS and Android. Let's create a list right here - a 'blog list' of all the places within Microsoft 365 where you can create a list, or where one gets created for you. Click the + New list button at the top for the Microsoft Lists app in Microsoft 365. Once on, click the + Create button in the upper left side of the screen AND home and personal that takes you directly into the Lists app to create a list, right into the common create list experience. Once you have configured the tab and have a list with list items, you can start a conversation about individual list items, view your list in the Teams mobile app, or access the list from the Lists app in Microsoft 365. Beyond viewing and editing existing lists and list items, you can create new lists while sipping coffee - create an Issue tracker list, or when in the passenger's seat headed to a work event - create a blank list to capture all your new people contacts. From here it's the same as if you're using Lists app in Microsoft 365: give your list a name, description, icon, color, and then choose where you wish to create the list - in your personal space or in a team workspace. -------------------- Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community SharePoint Blog

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