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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Administration of Microsoft 365 in the new era of AI

Today we introduced Microsoft 365 Copilot, which combines the power of large language models with your data in Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps to turn words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet. Copilot is integrated into Microsoft 365 and automatically inherits all your company's valuable security, compliance, and privacy policies and processes. Whether you are working with our AI solutions in Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, or other Microsoft cloud services, we have designed these experiences with compliance, privacy, and security at the core. Be sure to stay connected in the Microsoft 365 community for future updates. Copilot presents only data that each individual can access using the same underlying controls for data access used in other Microsoft 365 services. Microsoft has been on a Responsible AI journey since 2017, when we defined our principles and approach to ensuring this technology is used in a way that is driven by ethical principles that put people first. You can also check the Microsoft 365 Roadmap for the latest information. -------------------- Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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