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Friday, March 28, 2014

My two cents | Microsoft Office for iPad

On yesterday’s Microsoft Press event it was announced that Office is coming to the iPad. It was a rather small event and overall it was surprisingly quite short as well. That nothing else was shown at the event might be a dignify to the importance of this announcement. First Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella came on stage and said few words about the strategy Microsoft has for the future in cloud computing. Minutes later Julie White, the Office general manager, took on and showed the press the new Word, Excel and Powerpoint version for iOS devices.

None of Apples leaders showed up at the press event. However CEO Tim Cook was giving his virtual Congrats via Twitter to Satya Nadella and his team for the Office on iPad launch.

In return Nadella answered the message from Cook with a Tweet of his own.

This is the true excitement behind the launch. With Cook at Apple and Nadella at Microsoft the two big players in the field are taking actions to harmonize their relationship. Could you imagine this event with Jobs and Balmer? Yep, you would only need to add popcorn to the equation.

It seems like the kids are about to come of age. Microsoft is offering to expand their knowledge and products to Apples platform. Doing so, ennobles their iPads for the enterprises. An act, how it seems, is acknowledged by Tim Cook and Apple. If you however read the tweets and other social media, the most Apple users haven’t so far.

Do you remember the Apple and PC guy commercials from Apple? All the bashing going on how bad Microsoft is and how superior Apple is? Well it is no wonder Apple users have a thought time to appreciate Office for iPad. In the past Steve Jobs was doing everything to keep the Cold War in IT going. It was all Black & White, with no shades of grey what so ever. But this applies to Microsofts users as well. Don’t get stuck in old thinking!

The IT Business is once again at the brink of a major change. For us IT-Professionals, cloud computing will change the way we work. We will need less knowledge about on premise products and more business knowhow to enable the enterprises we work for. We will need to find new solutions for problems that come with cloud computing like continuous network availability and keeping business information private.

So it is up to you. Do you want to jump on the rolling train or stay behind and continue with old customs by bashing other systems? It seems like Microsoft knew 1994 already what’s coming by asking “Where do you want to go today?”

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