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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Retro Powershell - Looking good in 8-Bit | Part 2

Last year I wrote a post how to style your PowerShell to look more like the good 'ol Commodore 64. Unfortunately the font of the PowerShell didn't look quite right. In this post I'll show you how to patch this as well so you get the true feeling.

First of all we need a TrueType font that can be added to the PowerShell. You can download the font from the following URL:

Unpack the archive and install the TrueType (.ttf) fonts inside the ZIP file.

Next we need to add the font to the shell. To do so open the Registry editor Regedt32.exe in Windows and navigate to the following Key:


Add a new string entry (REG_SZ). Name the entry "000" or entry as many zeros necessary. Normally the entries "0" and "00" are already occupied. Edit the newly created entry and add the name of the font you wish to use. In my case I used “C64 Pro Mono”

Now you can open the settings page of the PowerShell and select the newly added font.


Have you changed your PowerShell yet? I'd love to here from you in the comments section or even see a few screenshots. Have fun!

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