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Monday, August 15, 2022

15 reasons to love OneDrive

All your files, from Office docs to photos-even files others have shared with you-are always on your OneDrive. Easily access Teams and SharePoint files from right inside OneDrive. Create, access, view, edit, and share files on the go with the OneDrive mobile app. If you're working on an important video project for a client or a 3D model for a computer design class, you can upload file sizes up to 250GB in OneDrive. With OneDrive Files On-Demand, you can access your work or school files in the cloud without using valuable file storage space on your Windows or Mac device. If you lose your device or are subject to a cyberattack, OneDrive has your back, allowing you to recover your files and minimize any loss of work. If you're using a free or paid OneDrive consumer plan or Microsoft 365 Personal or Family plan, you can create family or friend groups to share photos, videos, and other files with. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community OneDrive Blog

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