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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Microsoft OneDrive turns 15 The Intrazone podcast

It's OneDrive's 15th birthday, and all the presents are for you. On this episode, Ankita Kirti and I chat with Arwa Tyebkhan and Steven Bailey to celebrate both OneDrive's 15th lap around the sun AND to hear more about the new OneDrive Home experience. Exe and SharePoint Workspaces, and land on OneDrive as we know it today. We also discover that it's not only OneDrive's birthday the team has been hard at work redesigning the OneDrive Home experience to help you easily resume your work and catch up on what you missed while you were away - everything at-a-glance and easy to prioritize where to start working. Intrazone guests + hosts, clockwise starting top left: Steven Bailey [co-host], Ankita Kirti [co-host], and Arwa Tyebkhan [guest] - recording the guest segment via Microsoft Teams. Stay connected to the SharePoint community blog where we'll share more information per episode, guest insights, and take any questions from our listeners and SharePoint users. The Intrazone, a show about the Microsoft 365 intelligent intranet. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community SharePoint Blog

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