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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Microsoft Ignite 2022 guide to Viva, Syntex, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists, Stream, Visio and more

Microsoft Ignite offers global experiences, localized content, in-person opportunities, and more-it's a new kind of Ignite. ' To help, the Viva, Syntex, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists, Planner/Project, Stream, Project, Visio, and more groups are prepping speakers and content - fired up and ready to help dig in - to ignite your passion and help you shift into the high-learning gear! This blog is your guide loaded with related keynotes, breakout sessions, on-demand sessions, and more - to help you navigate this subset of content within the whole of Ignite - both digital and onsite at SCC. We'll keep it up to date - before, during and after Ignite. Below is a subset of Ignite content to hear more and learn more about Viva, Syntex, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists, Stream, Visio and related technologies. On-demand sessions are the double-click into soaking up more knowledge, seeing more of the 'what's next' - in context. Level up your skills as Microsoft, industry, and partner experts guide you through the latest technology with immersive demos and live sessions. Plus, check out the Microsoft Ignite Spotlights - A new experience with connection opportunities that help you gain insights from local leaders, partner experts, and your community. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community SharePoint Blog

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