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Monday, September 26, 2022

Microsoft Stream is moving to Microsoft 365!

We're not shy about using our own products and services internally here at Microsoft, and as such, we're already taking advantage of recently moving our internal video platform-Microsoft Stream-under the Microsoft 365 umbrella. The transformation of our corporate video platform has made it easier for our employees to create, upload, edit, and publish enterprise videos, says Marc Mroz, a product manager for Microsoft's Office Media group, who explained that the new, modern Microsoft Stream experience is benefitting from now being located within SharePoint specifically. The Microsoft Digital Employee Experience team has been working with Mroz and the product group team on deploying the modern Microsoft Stream experience across the company, with the team that publishes the company's internal employee portal among those taking the lead on trying it first. Folding Microsoft Stream directly into Microsoft 365 and SharePoint using OneDrive for storage has made it more useable and accessible within Microsoft, Mroz says, adding that it also ensures that the product stays more current. To learn more and to find out how you can deploy the modern Microsoft Stream experience at your company, read the full story here: Corporate video at Microsoft gets a big upgrade thanks to the modern Microsoft Stream experience. When moving from classic to the modern Microsoft Stream experience, take stock of your current inventory, especially if you have a large archive of Microsoft Teams recordings. Thanks to the way SharePoint sites populate content, you can elegantly use parent and child sites to share content to targeted audiences without having to duplicate efforts Keep your SharePoint organized; this was true before Microsoft Stream came to Windows 365 and it's still true after Video is a great way to onboard new employees or offer just-in-time training. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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