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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Transform your frontline workforce with a single secure platform

Today, this massive challenge is also a massive opportunity for organizations to see the benefits of digitizing their frontline workforce - in fact, frontline workers state that improved technology at work is among their top three stress reducers. We see customers like London-based fashion brand River Island transform their frontline workforce by providing them with Microsoft Teams, which has improved their productivity and customer service through seamless communication and efficient processes. Centralizing access to key resources and tools within a single platform is key to increasing productivity on the frontline. To help frontline workers easily communicate with the right group of audience at scale, we are enhancing the Teams experience so frontline workers can start a chat with groups. Another key challenge to improving the frontline worker experience is keeping the frontline engaged and included across roles and locations. Transform frontline processes inundated by manual, fragmented, and repetitive systems and connect your systems of records onto one platform so your frontline workforce can work smarter and not harder to improve the agility and efficiency of the business. Empowering frontline workers with the right technology not only makes their jobs easier and reduces work-related stress, but also helps companies more easily retain and attract their frontline workforce. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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