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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Making it easier to apply and manage security settings for your users in Microsoft 365

We're excited to welcome one of our Microsoft 365 Supportability team members to talk more about how to manage security settings for users. John: I'd like to share a little background first as part of an ongoing effort to reduce compromised accounts, Microsoft has implemented security policies that ensure our customers are secure by default. The rollout of the Security Defaults policy for newly created Microsoft 365 tenants on all license levels began in 2019 and finished in 2020. Prior to this, and with the rollout of Security Defaults in 2019-2020, our admins had to go to the Azure Portal to manage Security Defaults, some didn't know where to find it initially or weren't expecting MFA-it led to a lot of support calls. With this, admins can manage MFA, Conditional Access policies and security defaults from within Microsoft 365. This setting will apply the Security Defaults policy to your tenant for all users. We believe it's a quick and easy way to secure your tenant using ready-to-apply security settings, such as the Security Defaults or Conditional Access policies depending on your license. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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