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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

What's new for Microsoft Whiteboard

An image of a user embedding a YouTube video and website link onto the whiteboard from the create panel in Whiteboard. Whiteboard is a new Microsoft Loop endpoint, enabling you to copy and paste Loop components into Whiteboard from Teams chat and soon from Outlook mail and Word for the web. Loop components in Whiteboard help your team continue adding information to lists, tables and more while they brainstorm in Whiteboard. The collaboration doesn't have to end after a synchronous meeting! The whiteboard you and your participants collaborated on can be accessed in the Teams chat under the Whiteboard tab. With the ease of Whiteboard integration in Teams, you and your participants can continue collaborating on the same whiteboard asynchronously. To learn more, visit the Whiteboard product page or the Whiteboard support site. Check out what features are in development or coming soon on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, or view Microsoft Whiteboard roadmap items here. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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