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Monday, October 2, 2023

Support update for Business Connectivity Services in Microsoft 365

To simplify these options and provide the best experience for these scenarios going forward, Microsoft is announcing its plan to retire Business Connectivity Services in Microsoft 365 and focus on Microsoft Power Apps as its replacement technology. All Business Connectivity Services features will be retired in SharePoint in Microsoft 365. Microsoft encourages customers to explore using Power Apps to replace their Business Connectivity Services solutions in SharePoint in Microsoft 365. Although there's no direct migration from Business Connectivity Services to Power Apps, it supports a modern, cloud-first external data connectivity experience. October 30, 2023: Microsoft will begin blocking Business Connectivity Services features based on the tenant property set by the customer. January 8, 2024: Microsoft will block Business Connectivity Services features in new Microsoft 365 tenants by default, as well as in tenants who haven't used the feature since October 30, 2023. Customers should only set this property once they've confirmed there's no business need to use the Business Connectivity Services features. -------------------- Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community SharePoint Blog

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