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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Easily deploy and use Microsoft 365 Apps on shared devices for your frontline workforce

Previously, frontline workers who use Microsoft 365 applications on shared devices had to individually sign-in and sign-out of each application at the beginning and end of their shifts. On Android, both Microsoft Teams and Managed Home Screen have general availability support for shared device mode, and last month we shared that Microsoft Edge and Yammer now have public preview support. As part of the National Retail Federation this week, we're excited to share additional support of shared device mode so that organizations can leverage Microsoft 365 apps for more scenarios on shared devices. Microsoft Outlook and Power Apps are now joining Microsoft Teams, Managed Home Screen, Microsoft Edge, and Yammer with their public preview support of shared device mode on Android. Together, these six apps represent the most requested Microsoft 365 apps for shared devices because of the key scenarios they can unlock for frontline workers. We've also heard demand for more support for iOS, so in February, we'll be releasing public preview support of shared device mode for Microsoft Teams on iOS devices and the ability to deploy shared device mode on iOS devices via Microsoft Intune. In addition to shared device mode support on Microsoft Intune, organizations using VMware Workspace ONE and SOTI as their third-party unified endpoint management solution for Android will soon be able to enroll devices in Azure Active Directory with shared device mode. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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