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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Set aside time for 1:1 with Microsoft Bookings in Outlook!

Microsoft Bookings in Outlook is coming to help you reduce the back and forth in scheduling, while helping you maintain control of your calendar. You'll be able to set custom bookable time to share with others so they can easily find a time to schedule a 1:1 meeting with you according to your availability and preferences. . We recently came across many customers whose employees are using Microsoft Bookings to reserve time for 1:1 with their team members. To help their employees book 1:1 time, they configured Microsoft Bookings in Outlook for the task. An image demonstrating how to book a 1:1 meeting via Bookings in Outlook on the web. An image demonstrating how to share your bookable time once the event has been created in Bookings in Outlook on the web. Now, team members can come to the Bookings page and book time for a 1:1 meeting without any back-and-forth conversation. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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