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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Helping IT admins save time and effort managing Microsoft Viva

Today, we're excited to share more about some of our supportability work with Microsoft Viva. You may have seen this recent article on how Microsoft Viva helps businesses save time and money by improving employee experience and engagement to boost business outcomes. Whether it's locating information, accelerating new hire onboarding, or creating common views of objectives and key results, the employee experience platform delivered by Microsoft Viva helps organizations and the people in them grow and flourish. As the solutions and benefits delivered by Microsoft Viva have continued to expand, our Microsoft 365 Commercial Support team has been learning and gaining new insights on the support experience across the suite. You can also use the Viva employee experience dashboard for step-by-step instructions needed to deploy Microsoft Viva modules for your organization. We look forward to sharing more about our Microsoft Viva supportability progress and plans in future updates! Vikram Kartik Jindal is a Supportability Program Manager on the CSS Modern Work Supportability team focused on Office client and Microsoft Viva. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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