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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

New solutions to deploy, integrate and extend solutions at scale for your frontline workforce

Today, IT admins often need to complete many discrete setup steps and navigate multiple platforms to roll out, integrate and automate solutions for their frontline workforce. With group mailboxes, IT admins can give each frontline department across locations a unified voice, allowing frontline teams to contact each other with ease. Learn more about how to get started with deploying Outlook at scale, which will be in public preview starting in February, to help IT admins create a Teams structure that maps the frontline workforces' real-world into digital world and centrally manage their frontline locations. This new home experience enables frontline workers a quick way to access these key workflows and resources in the flow of work with a centralized location to find key information. The completion of tasks is a fundamental element of operations on the frontline and providing a single source of truth for the work to be completed lets workers complete those tasks more efficiently and focus on additional value-add activities. First, we're adding Business Scenario capabilities, designed for integrations where tasks for a frontline team should be created or updated based on external sources and signals. With Microsoft 365 and Teams, IT admins have a simplified experience to create the right environment and solution for frontline workers to communicate, collaborate and get work done. Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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