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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Let's Talk Education

The Microsoft Education commercial support team can help you find the right educational support, at a time that fits your schedule. Brian: Thank you, and I see you are a leader on our Microsoft 365 Education team. Brad: Three years ago, or so, I joined customer success engineering where I lead a team that looks at consumer, small business, and education audiences, like EDU IT admins, teachers and educators, students, and parents of students across the Microsoft 365 usage and support funnel. Brad: This program started a couple years ago, and it was derived in the same way that most of the best things are - from customer feedback! The voice of our customers and what we learned looking at in-product feedback and support feedback was that education IT admins specifically could really use support experiences from a team that not just understands Microsoft 365 - our support teams, do they understand Microsoft 365 very well - but really understood Microsoft 365 education nuances and the uniqueness of the education IT admin workflow. What we developed was this hypothesis, this idea, that a Microsoft 365 Education Generalist team, that is to say a team that understands the whole product suite, not just a couple of parts of it well, but the whole suite, and specialized on Education IT admin workflows within that product suite specifically, could deliver a world class support experience. They all have that base knowledge and on top of that, they have very deep understanding of the education nuances, such as, how Teams Commercial is different from Teams Education. Imagine a seasonally relevant experience where education IT admins receive a differentiated in-product and Microsoft 365 admin center experience to help guide them through all the best practices to ensure a successful school year. -------------------- Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Blog

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