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Friday, May 12, 2023

Community Spotlight- Meet Sean McEvoy- Business Applications Specialist at Aleron

Welcome to the first of our series: Community Spotlight! Each month we are highlighting Community Superheroes who are giving back to the community by sharing their story in our Community Spotlight Series. Sean leveraged his business and marketing background to understand the organization's needs and rebuilt a net new CRM system from scratch-based on the team's specifications. This achievement caught the attention of the Aleron leadership team, and within eight months, Sean was then given the duties of Dynamics 365 Administrator in the IT department, and promoted to Enterprise Application Analyst. Sean is an excellent example of how an individual with a business background in marketing can succeed in the technology field. A testament to the power of self-learning and the many resources available to individuals looking to break into a new field, Sean leveraged online learning platforms, community resources, and trial and error to develop the skills he needed to transition to a new field. To further advance his skills and provide him with a recognized credential to demonstrate his expertise in the field, Sean is currently working on the Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate course and badge. Community articles and resources: Using these invaluable sources of information to break into a new field, through trial and error, Sean was able to experiment with the technology and learn from his mistakes, developing a deep understanding of how to use the Power Platform effectively. -------------------- Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Driving Adoption Blog

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