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Monday, May 1, 2023

Microsoft SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop April 2023 The Intrazone

April 2022 brought some great new offerings: Project integration in Viva Goals, Viva Connections: Mobile SharePoint site navigation, improved Graph Connector content results, eDiscovery document version shared, Microsoft Lists: Applied filters, Microsoft Loop:.fluid >. Teamwork updates across SharePoint team sites, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. Create SharePoint pages and news, and other content types, right from within the SharePoint app bar. From the SharePoint app bar, select the Create button and then select an option from SharePoint News post or SharePoint page, right alongside existing ability to create SharePoint sites, new Microsoft Lists or the Microsoft 365 app files - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote), and more. Our overall solution blends Microsoft Syntex, SharePoint, Microsoft Viva, and Microsoft Teams - compelling to adopt and pleased to be recognized by Forrester. Since the release of SharePoint workflows, Microsoft has evolved workflow orchestration to not only encompass SharePoint, but all the productivity services you use with Microsoft 365 and beyond. Starting April 2nd, 2026, Microsoft will remove the ability to run, or create and execute SharePoint 2013 workflows for existing tenants. -------------------- Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community SharePoint Blog

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