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Monday, May 1, 2023

Microsoft launches the Teams Payments app for small businesses

Our vision for Microsoft Teams has always been to bring together communication and collaboration tools in one place, from chat and meetings to apps and files-and now payments. The new Payments app, currently in public preview in the Teams Store, allows small businesses in the United States and Canada to easily manage and collect payments from within Teams on your desktop or mobile device during a meeting. We have partnered with some of the largest players in the payments space to combine the core collaboration capabilities in Teams with powerful commerce features in the first-of-its-kind app that allows you to accept payment during business conversations. Once the Payments app is configured and you've established a connection to your GoDaddy Payments, PayPal, and Stripe account(s), you can send a payment request to your customers during a meeting in just a few clicks. An at-a-glance view of payments you have received, and those still outstanding, helps you manage payments from customers. The Payments app is available in public preview in the Teams Store for Teams Essentials and Microsoft 365 business subscribers at no charge. Learn more about how Microsoft is serving SMBs in our National Small Business Week blog: Microsoft 365 innovations across AI, payments, and collaboration tools to help small and medium businesses grow. -------------------- Read more at Source: Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft 365 Business Blog

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